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13 Infallible signs to detect if you and your partner are really a perfect match.

1. Mutual trust

Do you have that person by your side that you consult before making a decision? This is a clear sign of a perfect match. In a healthy relationship, you will feel full confidence to consult your partner on the most relevant matters. And also for the small details in everyday life. You will have to trust someone who sometimes has to see what you drool on the pillow. 

2. Don't get angry over small things.

It will always happen that you get angry over trivialities but, if you prefer to solve them quickly instead of spending time and energy on it, it's because you and your partner are doing it right. Imagine if one of you suffered an illness, and you had limited time left together. Is it logical to spend it arguing over the towel in the bathroom?

3. You are best friends.

Your partner knows everything about you, as a close friend. You don't keep secrets from each other. If you list your best friends, and you need to mention your partner, that's where it's.

4. But still have your friends.

Even in a relationship, you need to hang out with friends, which is just as important as sharing time with your partner. The gist of this point is that you should be perfectly at ease if your partner shares with friends. If neither is jealous demanding reports every two hours, this is a perfect match. If not, go back to points 1 and 2.

5. You like to spend an entire weekend together.

The weekend is coming up. Your partner is in charge of the popcorn bowl. You're carrying the huge blanket that you both fit. Your partner presses play. Twelve episodes of Breaking Bad later, neither of you has given the matter any thought yet. Perfect!

6. You like to walk hand in hand.

If for both of you there's nothing wrong with a little public affection now and then, there's no reason to hesitate. Spread the love!

7. Silence is not uncommon.

Being quiet for a while (or for a long time) doesn't mean that you immediately think something is wrong. Or that you feel you have to say something. It just means that you are thinking in opposite directions. It doesn't mean anything implied. Comfortable silence is a sign of trust.

8. Things work with family.

You don't have to love everyone, but with everyone, you can be okay. You respect your partner's siblings, parents, and aunts. Although they sometimes forget if you are a vegetarian, it is the same as your own family. Even though you didn't choose them, it's your family, and you make it work.


9. It's not about changing each other.

When you're in a good, healthy relationship, you've chosen a person you love, just the way they are. A partner who respects even your musical tastes is great. How many romantic movies are about someone "remaking" someone? Just drop the whole thing. If you feel you need to change partners, there's one answer: you've chosen the wrong partner.

10. It doesn't matter if your partner responds to your message or not.

You are in love and happy (you have chosen each other)you feel at peace. If he doesn't respond to your message, don't worry (or start thinking weird thoughts) because you know he's either running out of battery or has fallen asleep. Or he's eating pizza with his buddies and has his phone in his jacket.

11. You can order takeout for each other (and it will always be fine).

Whether it's Friday dinner at the local Mexican kiosk or the lunch menu, only one of you needs to be there.  Whoever orders know what the other will prefer anyway.

12. You're honest with each other.

If the jeans don't fit or that old jacket needs to be thrown away, you tell each other. If you don't want to go to that movie theater, you don't like your partner's gravy or you've been tired of their loving friend for a while, you tell them. And it's no big deal. Saying what you feel, speaking your mind, and really being yourself with the other person is what a relationship is all about.

13. You go to bed together.

Okay, two big reasons: 1. It's cozy. 2. It opens up a night of handshakes, hugs, pats, and kisses. When two people love each other, their sleep schedule aligns, it's science. Besides, no one would rather be stuck in front of a flickering screen with bad TV shows or on any website and suddenly be asleep on their phone.

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