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10 Ways Love Languages Can Make Your Relationship Unstoppable

It's not magic. It is psychology for couples applied to success. Are you ready?

Read this together. Successful couples don't use love languages as the only formula to achieve their joint goals, but they certainly don't leave out any of them in their daily lives.


If you are undertaking a project with the love of your life, you need to know how to use the five love languages in your couple’s business.

How can love languages help your couple's business?

If your business or project is joint, it won't be outside interference. Your plan will keep you having meaningful conversations and doing things you love.  That situation is already a great achievement. But you can take it one level higher by using the five love languages on a daily basis.


Based on the five love languages, we will give you ten foolproof methods to do your business as a couple grows like foam, without neglecting the most important thing, your life as a couple.


 Quality time


Working together is actively spending time with your partner. If you and your partner decide to become entrepreneurs, your time together will no longer be reduced to just being there or hanging around.


Remember to always actively listen to his/her proposals, help him/her with tasks and enjoy that you will always find a moment to fool around during the day.


  1. Set aside a time in your weekly schedule to spend time together without work in between. It doesn't have to be too far-fetched, something as simple as going for a walk together outdoors or taking a quick trip to a nearby town.


  1. Pick a simple but mutually enjoyable place outside the home or office to have good, deep conversations about your day-to-day life. Leave your cell phones at home and see how rewarding it is to do it once a week.


Physical contact

Take advantage of the hours you spend together working on your project to show your affection for each other. Caresses and cuddles are truly affirming of dearness and elevate the emotional connection. Kissing, touching, and cuddling in your workspace will keep you in a good mood to tackle daily tasks.


  1. During the days with your partner, remember to hug often. Warm hugs relieve stress and make lovers secrete hormones associated with states of well-being, even in stressful situations.
  2. Avoid rejecting your partner's affection while you work. Although you certainly won't spend all day cuddling, you mustn't trade closeness and love for the formality of work.


Surely you've experienced the delicious feeling of buying something you've been waiting for after many days of work. It's doubly rewarding when you can experience it with your partner. With the effort of both of you, you can finally take a trip or buy a video game console. When you start a business as a couple, it is essential to make a joint savings fund. But don't forget those small things to thank for the effort also count as achievements.


  1. Give each other the annual work agenda with a special dedication.


  1. A special gift is not always a material object. A comforting massage at the end of a tiring week is a good gift for a busy business couple.  


Words of affirmation

If you've had other work experiences, when you receive the recognition, increase your productive capacity. We all feel good when the work we do is appreciated. If this recognition comes from your favorite person, it will have a greater effect.

Appreciation Words and verbal encouragement boost productivity, combined with your partner's dearness, will be a motivational booster.


  1. Let your partner know your appreciation for the work. Look into his eyes when thanking your partner for his efforts and use the words you would like to hear from a kind co-worker.
  2. For the high moments, which there will be, words of affirmation are pertinent. No one knows your partner's qualities as you do. When it's time to criticize, do it constructively and remember your partner's capabilities and strengths.



Acts of Service

A helpful and attentive co-worker is what we always expect when we start a new office. If you begin a business as a couple, become the partner you wish you had in your new job. By collaborating with your partner to make his or her work more efficient, you'll be winning twice. You'll increase the productivity of the business, and you'll be showing love to your partner.

Acts of service are the noblest language of love. It means giving time and energy to make your partner's work more pleasant.


  1. Help your partner do the things he/she finds difficult or frightening. Don't avoid it when your partner asks for help, for the sake of the business and your relationship.
  2. Cleaning her workspace before she arrives is an I love you. Find out in what situations your partner feels most stressed, so you can easily find details that can lighten his workload.


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