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Is it good or not to take pictures as a couple?

You've come here looking for inspiration for one of the activities that couples love the most: taking pictures together.

But it is also one of the most controversial.

For this reason, we dedicate this post to analyzing the taking love pictures habit. As some people say, taking photos of a couple and publishing them is a sign of weakness in the relationship. If a couple's member posts about their love on social networks, they are exaggerated. Even accused of showing off something that is not so nice in reality.

But some specialists and we do not even remotely agree with such statements. Technology advances are, for many, obstacles to interpersonal relationships. Yet, when used well, they can be enhancers of affection.

We respect who prefer to refrain from taking photos with their partner to protect their intimacy. But we love couple's photos here. 


Besides, a study from the University of Kansas and Carnegie Mellon University, revealed posting love photos increases feelings of intimacy and satisfaction.

The study looked at several couples. When either partner shares their personal photos with large audiences, the other partner may experience feelings of exclusion or undervaluation. On the other hand, couples who posted photos together reported trust and appreciation from their significant other.

But what to do if my partner is shy and hates photos?

Many social interactions also take place online. But if your partner is not used to social media exposure, there is no need to force it. Start by taking natural photos of your favorite daily activities. It's hard for a shy person to agree to attend a session with a professional photographer. Still, they won't be as embarrassed if you do it together in one of their favorite places. Start saving those photos in a joint gallery. You will see how soon he will be encouraged to share them with his followers.

To publish or not to publish, that's the dilemma.

For romantics, flooding the internet with photos of genuine love is a great way to make the world a nice place. We agree. But some consider it too sweetened. When one of the partners flatly refuses to post photos together, we may be in the presence of an example of "stashing".

If your partner uses social networks but you do not exist in their publications, they do not publish anything about you, neither stories nor photos, and you may be deliberately hiding. Although this is not always the case, they may be looking out for you or have had bad experiences with social media in the past. The best way to understand what's going on is to talk about it.

Avoid getting hung up on it or letting us get carried away with interpretations. Just ask them honestly.

Take it to the next level, and share content

If you're like us on the photo-loving team, you're ready for the next level.  Tell your story. The world needs more stories about caring and relationships that work. Explore profiles of professionals and creatives who base their online profiles on their couple or family stories. You might be surprised to learn that the most successful posts of your favorite celebrities are with their partners or friends. Most people like love. It's hard to see someone get upset to see the happiness of two people who love each other.

Iconic celebrity couple photos

Some people often think they will lose followers if they post photos with their partners. Their profiles in the past were personal. They consider those who follow them don't want to see them in a relationship. But reality denies this perception.  Most famous people with the most significant number of followers on social networks has families. They usually publish their intimate life without qualms and take advantage of it.

We made a selection of current pictures of famous couples to inspire you and convince your boo to take some nice couple pictures to post soon.


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