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What everyone ought to know about couple's tattoo

What tattoo design to use so you won't regret it?  Is it too adolescent to get a tattoo as a couple? True love marks life, but leaving it sealed on the skin is an extreme decision. 

It's a matter of taste and desires, but if you've already decided to get a couple's tattoo, think about these six things that can make the experience a sign of love and not an unfortunate event that you may regret in future.

 Choose a design that looks good on its own

The tattoo on each other's skin should look good even if the other is not there. A couple's tattoos should complement each other. If when you see the drawing on your hand, for example, it looks like something is missing, it means you chose a design you may regret in the future.

If your design works solo, you won't have to explain to everyone that it's a couple's tattoo. When you display your tattoo together, it will tell your story because it's a complementary design. But if your tattoo doesn't work independently, you will carry a mark on your skin that looks incomplete. In case that is the intention you have, go ahead. It is not our intention to oppose extreme love. We want you to enjoy the experience.

 Think about it together and also alone

 According to psychologists, people often get tattoos to highlight their identity or to immortalize moments. Happy events and those that have marked people psychologically are often the motives for many tattoos. So, even if the motif for your couple's tattoo is unbridled love, do not omit the necessary reflection.

 A tattoo is a significant event. It must respond to a relevant life event. If, as a couple, you want to keep a symbol of having overcome something, of having gone through a change, or of having grown together, you are ready to get a tattoo.

 Expert tattoo artists have reported cases where one partner asks to get a tattoo together to combat their insecurities. But even if it is permanent, a tattoo is no guarantee of eternity in a relationship. It is impossible a mark on your body can determine your partner's level of commitment or fidelity.

 Get tattooed by the same professional

Attending the same studio to get your tattoo ensures that the two pieces have the same stroke. Complementary tattoos should be styled by the same artist. If the tattoos look uneven or do not complement each other, it will not make sense to do them together. There are as many strokes and styles as tattoo artists around the world.

 Where is the best place on the body for a couple's tattoos?

Since couple tattoos became famous two decades ago, the favorite place to get them is the forearm. Most of the references you will find on Pinterest are tattoos on the wrist or forearm. But this is a very personal decision. Some couples wear them in visible places as a public display of their affection, while others are more reserved and prefer to keep their couple tattoos in hidden areas of their bodies.

Avoid clichés

Hearts and roses put them out of your mind. Yin and yang, please don't. There are anecdotes in your relationship that are unique and meaningful only to you. Milestones in the history of your love, some shared secret, or the memory of your most special day. Graphically summarizing something that belongs only to you will not be difficult. We don't mean that you can't get a tattoo in trend or inspired by some design that already exists. But for a couple's tattoos, authenticity is a must.

 What are some examples?

There are millions of tattoos for couples on the internet. From wedding rings to favorite foods or puzzle pieces that complement each other. There are more conceptual ones, like fingerprints or phrases of the couple. You may come across pictures of tattoos of couples with chains or padlocks to express ownership. We prefer the less possessive ones. They are also popular numbers with the date of the first kiss or letters with the initials of the loved one in secret places on the body. 

 No bad omens, but think about the future

Make pieces that you can cover up or remove with a laser. It doesn't sound very romantic, but the statistics are clear. A percentage of couples who get tattoos together separately remove their tattoos. We hope this is not your case, but it will be easier to erase a small detail on the rib than the whole face of your girlfriend from your chest.

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