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57 Exciting Couples Challenges: Boost Love, Fun, and Connection in Your Relationship

I'm always on the hunt for new ways to make relationships fun, exciting, and memorable. In this blog post, we'll explore 57 exciting and fun couples challenges that you can try in your relationship.

No matter if you're just starting out, or you've been together for years, these challenges can add a new layer of depth to your relationship. Try a 30 day relationship challenge, or experiment with the relationship goals challenge. Whatever your preferences, you can find something on this list that'll interest you.

Feel free to pick and choose from the list to find something that excites you and your partner. Who knows? Maybe these challenges will even lead you to creating your very own couple challenge book.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the world of couple challenges and relationship challenges!

1. The 30 Day Marriage Challenge

One of the most common couples challenges is the 30 day marriage challenge. This challenge involves committing to doing something each day for 30 days that will strengthen your bond as a couple. Some example tasks include writing a love note, sharing a favorite memory, or cooking dinner together.

2. Relationship Goals Challenge

This couples challenge is all about setting goals for your relationship and working as a team to achieve them. Examples of relationship goals can range from simple things like having a weekly date night, to more ambitious goals like planning and taking a dream vacation together.

3. Couple Challenge Questions

Test your knowledge of one another with this couple challenge. Take turns asking each other questions to see how well you know your partner. It's a fun, lighthearted way to discover more about one another.

4. 30 Day Love Challenge

Similar to the 30 day marriage challenge, the 30 day love challenge comprises of daily activities that help you express love and appreciation for your partner. This could include leaving them a message of encouragement, or simply telling them how much they mean to you.

5. The Love Challenge

The love challenge involves creating a list of romantic gestures that both you and your partner enjoy. Then, taking turns each day, surprise your partner with a gesture of love from the list. This will keep the romance alive and make you both feel loved and treasured.

6. Intimate Challenge

Deepen your intimate connection with your partner by taking on this challenge, which involves discussing and trying new things in your intimate life. This could range from experimenting with new positions to simply setting aside more time for cuddling.

Intimate Challenge

7. 30 Day Husband Challenge

This challenge is specifically designed for wives who want to show appreciation for their husbands. For 30 days, commit to doing one small act each day that demonstrates your love and admiration for your spouse.

8. Date Night Challenge

For this couple's challenge, you and your partner will take turns planning a creative, out-of-the-box date night for each other. This can be anything from a themed dinner at home to a surprise scavenger hunt that ends with a romantic picnic.

9. Love Challenges for Couples

This challenge involves doing several acts of love for your partner over a specific time period, such as a week or a month. For example, leaving a sweet note each day or surprising them with breakfast in bed.

10. Rekindle Challenge

If you feel like the spark has faded in your relationship, try taking on this relationship challenge. Together, make a list of activities you used to enjoy but haven't done in a while, and take turns choosing one activity from the list each week to rekindle the passion.

11. Communication Challenge

Improving your communication skills as a couple is vital, and this challenge can help. Set aside time each day to have an open, honest conversation with your partner about any topic. It's a great way to make sure you're staying connected and in tune with each other's feelings.

12. I Love A Challenge

For this couples challenge, think of something you've always wanted to do together but never had the chance to; then, commit to making it happen. It could be anything from taking a dance class together to going on a hot air balloon ride.

I Love A Challenge

13. 40 Day Love Challenge

This challenge involves stretching the 30 day love challenge into a 40 day commitment, with more opportunities to surprise your partner and make them feel loved.

14. Compliment Challenge

The compliment challenge can help you and your partner to better express your love and admiration for one another. For a week, take turns giving your partner a heartfelt, genuine compliment each day.

15. Monthly Relationship Challenges

For the couples who love trying new things, consider committing to a new relationship challenge each month. Some ideas for monthly challenges can include no screen time, cooking new recipes together, or taking a walk every evening.

16. Gratitude Challenge

The gratitude challenge is a simple yet powerful way to remind yourselves of the things you appreciate in each other. Each day, take turns sharing one thing you're grateful for about your partner.

17. Recipe Challenge

Transform your time in the kitchen into a couple's activity, where you challenge yourselves to create unique dishes or recreate your favorite restaurant meals. You can even introduce a competitive element by having others judge your culinary masterpieces..

18. Travel Challenge

For couples who enjoy exploring new places, the travel challenge is a great way to bond. Commit to visiting a new destination together, whether it's national parks or international cities, and experience the joy of discovering something new as a team.

19. Fitness Challenge

Stay healthy and feel great by embarking on a fitness challenge together. Choose a fitness-related goal, such as running a 5k race or taking a yoga class, and commit to achieving it as a couple.

20. Acts of Service Challenge

Show your love for your partner through acts of service. Whether it's helping with chores, running errands, or preparing a meal, dedicate a week to making your partner's life easier.

Now that we've covered the first 20 couples challenges, are you ready for a more? Let's keep going!

21. Kindness Challenge

For one week, take turns doing random acts of kindness for your partner. This can be anything from leaving them an uplifting note to taking on their least favorite chores.

22. Creativity Challenge

Bring out your artistic side with the creativity challenge. Commit to working on a creative project together, such as painting, pottery, or woodworking.

Creativity Challenge

23. Bucket List Challenge

Combine your individual bucket lists and create one as a couple. Then, make a plan to start crossing off items together, and start making unforgettable memories.

24. Self-Care Challenge

Take a week to focus on self-care for both of you, and commit to doing one self-care activity per day, either individually or together.

25. Trust Challenge

Strengthen your trust in one another by spending a day blindfolded, with your partner guiding you through various activities.

26. Road Trip Challenge

Satisfy your wanderlust by planning a surprise road trip for your partner. This is a wonderful opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and create lasting memories.

27. Memory-Making Challenge

Set aside time each day for a week to re-live a favorite memory together, like looking through old photos or watching your wedding video.

28. Surprise Challenge

Keep the excitement alive in your relationship by scheduling a surprise day each month. It can be anything from breakfast in bed to a spontaneous weekend getaway.

29. Movie Night Challenge

Take turns picking a favorite movie each week to enjoy as a couple. Add in some snacks and cuddles for the ultimate cozy movie night experience. To make it even more fun, check out our app: Ideas for Movie Night Generator for inspiration on what to watch and do together!

30. Goodnight Challenge

For one week, ensure that you always say goodnight to your partner, either verbally or through a message, regardless of how busy or tired you are.

31. Languages of Love Challenge

Learn about your partner's love language and spend a week giving them love in the way they best receive it.

32. Adventure Challenge

Commit to trying out a new adventure together, whether it's rock climbing, skydiving, or simply exploring an unknown hiking trail.

33. Spoil Your Partner Challenge

Take turns spoiling each other for a day; pamper them with breakfast in bed, a massage, or run a warm bath for them.

34. Game Night Challenge

Bring out your competitive side with a weekly game night. Enjoy board games, card games, or video games for a fun and exciting way to bond.

Game Night Challenge

35. No Phones Challenge

Spend an entire day without using your phones or any technology. Instead, focus on spending quality time together, such as taking a nature walk, cooking a meal, or simply spending time cuddling.

36. 5 Love Languages Challenge

Spend a week focusing on each of the 5 love languages – words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, physical touch, and receiving gifts.

37. Daily Appreciation Challenge

Every day for a week or a month, take turns sharing something you genuinely appreciate about your partner.

38. Laughter Challenge

Take turns each day trying to make your partner laugh. A healthy dose of laughter can do wonders for your relationship.

39. Living on a Budget Challenge

For a week or a month, commit to sticking to a strict budget together, and see how creative you can be with your activities and dates.

40. Social Media Detox Challenge

Commit to a social media detox as a couple, and spend that extra time focusing on each other and your relationship.

 Alright, 40 couples challenges down, and just a few more to go. Are you still with me? Let's finish strong!

41. Learn Something New Challenge

Commit to learning something new together. It could be a dance class, a foreign language, or even picking up a new hobby. Learning together is a great way to bond and create shared experiences.

42. Random Act of Love Challenge

Spend a week or a month surprising each other with spontaneous acts of love, such as a lunch date or a surprise gift.

43. Stargazing Challenge

Find a beautiful spot to lay down a blanket and stargaze together. It's a simple yet romantic way to enjoy each other's company under the majesty of the night sky.

44. Unplug Challenge

For one day, commit to completely unplugging from technology and dedicating your time and attention solely to your partner.

Unplug Challenge

45. Compliment Stranger Challenge

Take a walk around your neighborhood or a local mall and challenge each other to give genuine compliments to strangers. This not only builds positivity but also helps in appreciating the simple joys of life.

46. Personal Growth Challenge

Share one personal goal with your partner, and commit to supporting each other in achieving these goals as a couple.

47. Dream Sharing Challenge

Openly discuss your dreams and aspirations with your partner, and brainstorm ways on how to achieve those dreams together.

48. Volunteer Challenge

Commit to volunteering together for a cause that you both care about, such as an animal shelter or a food bank.

49. New Experience Challenge

Pick an experience that neither of you has tried before, and do it together. Examples include attending an opera, trying out archery, or exploring a new city.

50. Spiritual Connection Challenge

Spend time daily or weekly connecting spiritually. This can be anything from meditation, attending a place of worship together, or engaging in meaningful conversations.

51. Weekly Reflection Challenge

Once a week, sit down together and reflect on your relationship – what went well, what could have been better, and what you can work on together to create an even stronger bond.

52. Workout Together Challenge

Whether it's going for a run, joining a gym, or participating in a group fitness class, commit to working out together to boost your physical and emotional well-being.

53. Long-Distance Couple Challenge

If you're in a long-distance relationship, try out the 30 day long-distance relationship challenge, which involves daily video calls, surprise virtual dates, and sending love notes.

54. Reading Challenge

Commit to reading a book together, either out loud or independently, and then discuss your thoughts on it over a date night or a coffee conversation.

55. Handwritten Note Challenge

For an entire week or month, exchange heartfelt, handwritten notes with your partner, expressing your love and appreciation for them.

56. Double Date Challenge

Connect with another couple and plan a fun double date, whether it's going to dinner, playing mini-golf, or visiting an amusement park.

Double Date Challenge

57. Day of Silence Challenge

Spend an entire day together in silence, only using non-verbal communication. This challenge can lead to newfound appreciation and help you connect on a deeper level.

And there you have it: a comprehensive list of 57 exciting and fun couples challenges that you can try in your relationship. Whether you take on the challenges of love or the relationship rekindle challenge, every experience will undoubtedly strengthen your bond and create memorable moments.

Remember, every relationship is unique – so pick and choose from these challenges, or use them as inspiration for creating your own couple challenge book. Embrace the excitement of trying new things together and enjoy the journey of love and happiness.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should we choose which couples challenges to try?

Consider the interests and preferences of both you and your partner when selecting challenges. Opt for those that appeal to both of you, and make sure to choose activities that are accessible and that align with your current lifestyle and relationship stage.

2. Can we modify the challenges to better suit our relationship?

Absolutely! Feel free to adapt challenges to make them more personal and enjoyable for you and your partner. You can change elements, duration, or even combine challenges to create a unique experience.

3. How often should we try new couples challenges?

There is no fixed rule for how often you should try new challenges. You can decide together if you want to choose daily, weekly, or monthly challenges. Consider your schedules and preferences when making your decision.

4. Are all the challenges on this list appropriate for every couple?

Some challenges might not be suitable for every couple or might require adaptation. Make sure to consider your personal comfort levels, relationship dynamics, and preferences when choosing challenges.

5. How can we keep ourselves accountable when participating in challenges?

Find ways to remind each other of the challenges and actively communicate about your progress. You may want to set reminders, create a shared calendar, or check in with each other daily to ensure you stay on track.

6. What if we can't complete a challenge or don't enjoy it?

That's completely fine! Couples challenges are meant to bring you closer together and strengthen your bond. If a challenge doesn't bring you joy or seems too difficult, simply move on to the next one.

7. Can couples challenges help resolve existing relationship issues?

While couples challenges can help enhance communication and build a stronger relationship, serious relationship issues may require professional help. If you are experiencing unresolved conflicts or issues, consider seeking guidance from a relationship counselor or therapist.

8. How can we track our progress and achievements throughout these challenges?

Create a journal or spreadsheet to document your progress and experiences with each challenge. This will not only help you track your achievements but also serve as wonderful keepsakes of your journey together.

9. Does attempting these challenges guarantee a successful relationship?

While these couples challenges can contribute to a stronger bond and happier relationship, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Long-lasting, successful relationships require ongoing effort, communication, and commitment from both partners.

10. Can long-distance couples participate in these challenges?

Yes, long-distance couples can participate in many of these challenges as well. You might need to adapt a few challenges to accommodate the distance between you but remember that staying connected is the ultimate goal.

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