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10 Simple but Powerful Ways to Show Your Partner Love and Affection

It doesn't matter if your relationship is years old or if you are in the idyll of the first few months. Displays of affection are essential for the relationship to work. Allowing the temperature to drop too low is a risk you are not willing to take if you are in love. Lovers usually think it takes too much preparation or investing money to show affection to a partner. The truth is there are some small but powerful gestures that we will tell you about below.

A law: kiss and hug to say goodbye.

If you go out to work or study away from home separately, never, under any circumstances, leave without kissing and hugging.

A psychological study conducted in Germany found that men who receive a kiss from their partners before leaving for work make more money. The reason: "a happy man is more productive at work because he is not emotionally distressed, so he will make more money."

A good morning kiss upon waking and a good night at bedtime is an affection demonstrations from the longest-lasting couples. Never skip them.

2. Turn off the TV, put down the cell phone and the Tablet, and give it your full attention.

Active listening is a gift this time of year. Your partner will love that you can put all your senses into the conversation. Make it a daily practice. You will see it will become more and more comfortable. Detaching yourself from gadgets and focusing on spending quality time with your crush is an excellent and inexpensive gift.

3. Approval Out Loud

Words of approval and affirmations have great power when they come from the one you love. With words, you can stimulate, encourage and acknowledge your partner out loud. It's not just about giving compliments (which are also necessary) but rather about using daily phrases that you would say to a good friend you want to encourage. Words of affirmation make the partners feel special and encourage positive dynamics in each other.

4. Make an unexpected phone call.

He's at work on any given day in the morning. Give him a call to tell him how much you care. Don't interrupt him too much. A short phrase is enough to improve his mood for a few hours.

5. Apologize when you're wrong

You will always end up working things out. Why drag out the conflict out of pride? The simple equation recognize-correct accelerates the resolution of any couple's dispute. Be humble and admit when you make a mistake, and move on to the peace of mind as quickly as possible.

6. Help your partner family members

A show of affection for your partner can be extended to a family member in difficulty. You will fill your partner's heart with gratitude if you collaborate with his family in some detail. In times of hardship, show your will without being intrusive.

7. Are love letters still used?

Love letters will never go out of fashion. Above all, you can even send them through different virtual channels. You can accompany them with a ticket to an event your partner wants to join. Or send them only to remind them why you are by their side.

8. A little space

A way to show love to your partner is to allow him to go out and have fun with other people even if you're not there. Most men will always want to spend some time drinking beer, playing a sport, or even going on a weekend fishing or hiking trip. There's nothing wrong with that. Be flexible and open when your partner needs time alone.

9. Give a massage

The sensory receptors in your partner's skin are the perfect vehicle to carry your demonstrations of affection to his brain. You don't even need to talk to show your love. Physical contact is an excellent way to communicate with the loved one. If you can also reduce the stress of the day, the benefit will be double.

10. When you go to the store, remember what your partner likes to always have in the fridge.

Returning from shopping without its favorite fruit is an unforgivable mistake. Don't think of it as indulging a whim. It's about knowing each other's tastes and taking responsibility for satisfying them. Eating is one of the most repeated and enjoyable human activities. Make sure your partner remembers you every time she opens the fridge and sees her favorite food.

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