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This will radically change the way you watch Christmas movies with your partner

Old-fashioned romantic and colorful Christmas movies are not the only ones to watch as a couple this season. You'll be surprised how many directors have interpreted Christmas in various genres that will leave you glued to the screen (while eating gingerbread cookies).

Check out this out-of-the-ordinary list and dare to watch Christmas movies together with not-so-sweetened endings or in mind-blowing genres like horror or black comedy.

 Violent Night (2022)

This movie could very well become a Christmas action classic. No director has dared to do so much before: Santa is more violent than "Die Hard." Don't take it too seriously, but you are assured two hours of action and a lot of violence (with Christmas carols in the background).

Christmas Bloody Christmas (2022)

Santa with an axe makes Christmas very unfamiliar. This black comedy is full of absurd murders and disproportionate action. It's the kind of movie you wouldn't see at any other time of the year. But, it's Christmas, and we have time to laugh together for a few hours. 

Office Christmas Party (2017)

An office Christmas party heats up and gets out of control. Nothing is what you expect in this hilarious comedy with plenty of drinks and relationship problems. 


Love Actulally (2003)

The best English Christmas comedy of the late 1990s. There is romance, but none of the love stories are classic Christmas ones. There are laughs, but the English humor is acid and intelligent. It's the perfect movie to pair with a glass of wine and leftovers from Christmas dinner.

Christmas Carol (2009)

Another Christmas movie rarity to watch as a couple. This time it is an animation starring Jim Carrey and based on the classic by writer Charles Dickens. There are ghosts haunting Christmas and a dark tone to the most colorful holiday of the year that in this animated movie are very different. 

Bad Santa (2003)

Get ready for several steamy sex scenes with Santa involved and funny versions of Mrs. Claus. If you want to spice things up after dinner this is the ideal choice. You'll laugh at the antics of an alcoholic Santa Claus who works out of obligation at Christmas but also has fun.


Christmas romance with a difference. This is one of the first "gay" Christmas movies. The single protagonist asks his friend Nick to pretend to be his boyfriend so he doesn't have to go to the Christmas party alone with his parents. We won't spoil the funny ending.

Silent Night (2021)

Christmas horror set at a nice family dinner. This creepy movie is perfect for your crush to hug you before the twentieth minute. An untypical Christmas movie that will leave them wondering whether to go to Christmas dinner or stay home and avoid the terror.
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