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12 things you can do with your partner if you spend vacations at home

Did you know that couples prefer to spend their vacations at home during the first year of their relationship? Plans for amazing trips and adventures come up a while later. The reason: there are so many fun things to do together when everything is just starting. Go forth and make these days at home the best days of your life.

1. Make a decluttering day together

Clutter can harm a couple's subjective well-being and happiness. Getting organized will give you a sense of accomplishment. Declutter will also eliminate visual interruptions, which is an easy way to reset and have a fresh start in your love nest.

Decluttering and organizing as a couple promotes greater productivity, gives you a feeling of self-efficacy, and improves your partner's mood. Make a day as a couple to tidy up, put things away and get rid of unnecessary stuff.

2. Watch a live concert together

It doesn't have to be a current concert. NPR website has compiled a list of several artists who perform live concerts online. Music for every couple in the world and for every musical taste.

3. Take online dance lessons

Dancing at home will boost your endorphin levels and put you in a great mood. Even if you're not a pro, practicing new steps will help you fight any signs of boredom. You will focus on yourselves and on learning.


You will forget about everything else and seek to improve every step, turn, or change will come to you a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

4. Share your talents

What is the best technique for doing sit-ups? How to make the perfect lasagna? Look through your list of talents and show your partner one of your best skills. Your partner will give you one of their skills for free. Not only will you have had fun, but you will also have learned something new.

5. Learn a new language


How many times have you promised to learn a few phrases in French? Then this free time is the golden time to do it with your crush. Get romantic and dedicate a few hours to studying a foreign language. Listening to songs or watching movies in their original language is a good start.

6. Paint

Get two canvases and watercolor and discover your artistic side together. Paint the fruit bowl on the corner, the neighbor's dog, or your favorite part of your partner's body. 

7. Cook a fancy dinner

This is an oldie, but a reliable one: cook a sumptuous dinner together. You'll spend less than you would at a fancy restaurant and you can eat as much as you want. Plus, being closer to the bedroom has many benefits.

8. Watch each other's favorite movies


Be honest: show each other your favorite movies from your teenage years. You can't imagine how much you'll discover about each other's personalities when you unveil your guilty pleasures. 

9. Photo Shoot

Who doesn't love to get some new pictures with their crush? You don't have to get a professional camera. You can also take pictures as a couple with your cell phone. Choose your favorite spot in the house. A place where you feel comfortable and show yourselves as you are in your relationship. Try not to look at the camera and enjoy the moment telling jokes to each other. Tips to make it great: natural light, camera stand, and use the timer.

10. Make several playlists together

There are songs that each one likes and others that are the hits of the relationship. Include them all in several playlists: one for traveling, one for bathing together, one for cooking, and one, of course, for getting romantic.

11. Challenging board games


Being able to play chess as a couple is a general culture. The game is a great way to exercise the strategic side of your brain.

12. Make a vision board


With magazine clippings and notes, you can make a board with everything you want to accomplish in the coming year. While everyone has their own resolutions, as a couple you can make a small board with your joint goals on it: travel, finances, the house, the car.

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