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5 ways to reinvent Halloween costume ideas for couples

Thousands of couples will dress up together for Halloween parties. Half of the world's population knows and celebrates the Day of the Dead.

If you are part of who will have fun that night and, you will do it with your partner, we summarize for you five essentials.

To reinvent usual ideas for Halloween is the joint task for your date this October 31st.

Keep it simple.

Although dressing up is a tradition at its origins quite exuberant, you don't need to overcomplicate it. It's a party with friends.

Getting people's attention requires more ingenuity than a lot of gadgets. The most important thing is to hide your identity and choose a character you can represent.

Make-up or masks are decisive to remain anonymous. It is a lot of fun the guests try to discover your identity under the characterization you prepared.

But you don't need to be too overloaded or uncomfortable to hide or scare everyone. After all, you are going to a party to have fun, not a catwalk. Without comfortable dancing attire, what's the point of being at a party?

Avoid too many layers of clothing or costume pieces that can get in the way. Excessive make-up will be annoying at night and can be a real turn-off.

A classic, a current one, or a fun one.

The most successful costumes everyone remembers fall into one of these three categories. Do not go too far back and forth.

It is too simple to spend hours on the internet, looking at the millions of costumes out there. There are as many characters and ways to represent them as there are couples. So, better to play it safe.

The classics will always stand out. Everyone can identify with superheroes of any era or remember the evil villains.

A sure 10 for couples costumes are the iconic cartoon characters from childhood. Find out the age of most people attending the Halloween party. Google what cartoons people of that age watched as children. You will find that some of those characters resonate with you.

But if the cutting edge is your thing, your next party costume idea is in the Tik-Tok trends.

  • What did your favorite celebrity couple wear to the latest event?
  • What's the most viral outfit of the last few months?
  • What outfit did your favorite singers wear in their latest video clip?

Another option is to make everyone laugh with a wacky couple costume. Such as those inspired by food, video games, or sitcom characters. Whatever, you can make costumes at home and share a DIY evening with your partner a few days before the party.

Romeo and Juliet

Look for the iconic characteristics of the characters you are going to recreate. Although everyone knows certain characters, the universal visual image of them is what you should use for your costume. If you choose characters like Romeo and Juliet, for example, do not dress as the characters in the book. People will recognize your characters faster if you recreate the attire from a '90s movie. Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio are perfect.

You may not want them to recognize you. But the intention is that people will be able to identify who the characters in the costume. It will avoid the awkward moment of having to explain the joke.

More hot, more fun 

Not taking advantage of Halloween to dare to be sexier than usual as a couple would be foolish. Pretending to be someone else can encourage desire on Halloween. Pretending a different role will give you both permissions that you wouldn't provide yourselves on a day-to-day basis. Take advantage of costume night to relate to each other in a new way.

If you are a couple of shy lovers or quite introverted, we encourage you to talk about your sexy costumes before the event. Certain people may feel in an enforced situation. If it doesn't feel natural to them and gives them feelings of ridicule, there is no need to enforce it.

Wait a minute, the photo

Immortalizing the ultimate fancy costume of your relationship is a must. You will get nostalgic next year when you remember all the fun you had last Halloween dressed up as a couple.

Like most things couple-related, it is optional and depends on whether both partners want to take part or not. Getting pictures with your costumes is a great idea and a worthwhile joint activity.

Couples' photos are often formal or predictable, while costume photos are casual, lighthearted, and fun. These photos will look original next to your wedding day photos. You will enjoy looking at them years later. Telling your love story with pictures doesn't have to be boring. Keep some photos of that night of fun and accomplice.


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