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Are you an 'Aesthetic couple' and didn't know it?

Have you seen those faces with a nostalgic air and a relaxed but classic look? They're everywhere. And they're so romantic. Let's find out what aesthetic style is and why so many young couples share it.

Aesthetic is a unique style that can not only be found on inspiration apps like Pinterest.

The concept can be applied to fashion, decoration, and social media content. But even in relationships, the aesthetic style has marked how lovers show themselves.

 As in other times, trends also give couples a personality. With this trend that tries to show the unique side of the simplest things, many couples have found a way to express their love.

 What is an aesthetic style?

The most accentuated note of aesthetic style is the nostalgia for a recent past. Those who embrace this trend tend to romanticize memories and retain an adolescent but very mature air. The aesthetic concept is broad and can incorporate people with very different tastes. But they agree on the following:

  1. Less is more.
  2. They like art.
  3. They love neutral colors and sunsets.

How an aesthetic couple looks like

An aesthetic style imprints both a sexy and casual air. You can tell an aesthetic partner by the backgrounds of their photo montages or the filters they use. They look like something out of an 80's or 90's movie.

 For some, it's a bit treacly because the aesthetic style romanticizes life. In the case of couples, it makes others feel like they are in the presence of the very contemporary Romeo and Juliet.

However, they have plagued social networks with beautiful messages about genuine love and the value of small details.

And their clothes?

The girl of an aesthetic couple prefers pink and gloss (lip glosses are a 'must'). Pastel colors and combinations with white are fundamental aspects of this style.

However, they are combined with urban and masculine clothes. They attract attention with their high socks with drawings, oversize T-shirts with a message, and skate sneakers.

If you want to wear an 'aesthetic' style, the following pieces should not be missed:

  • Oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts
  • Bandeau-style crop tops.
  • Biker pants.
  • School plaid skirts
  • Wide-leg pants.
  • Trendy sneakers like Nike Air Force 1 or Jordan.

The boy of an aesthetic couple will opt for earth tones, jean jackets, wide-leg pants, and oversized but well-combined T-shirts and sweatshirts. Both often go shopping at second-hand markets to find vintage clothes. Their style mixes garments from the '70s, '80s, and 90's to give a timeless feel.

 How an aesthetic couple has fun

Here's one thing they're all alike: they love selfies as a couple. Aesthetic couples want to immortalize every little moment because they see beauty in almost everything. They can spend hours waiting for the sunset to arrive in any lonely place.

Although it can be confused with an expensive style. Because of its sobriety and somewhat elegant air, the truth is that it is quite austere. An aesthetic couple will prefer to go to the shore of a secluded beach than to an expensive and noisy nightclub.

Although they also love music and fun, they just prefer festivals, indie music, auteur cinema, and food.

 The favorite foods of an aesthetic couple

No aesthetic couple can resist eating pizza and photographing it. On social media profiles, you will see them showing their love by sharing sweets.

There is also a strong tendency in this type of couple to balance between junk food for fun and healthy or vegan food. Salads, healthy brunch foods to share, and popular smoothies are part of their romantic diet.

But if you're an aesthetic couple, you're both addicted to coffee. In fact, some have barista skills. Videos of coffees, teas, and other drinks get a lot of views on aesthetic couple's profiles. The particular mark is that they have nice glasses and cups, a 'cute' coaster, and put a nice shot while you are pouring milk, ice, and coffee.

In short, these couples are not too different from the rest of the mortals. They love plants and tend to take care of them by spraying them with water. They can be seen making figures with clay and painting them. They are very tidy. Stocking the pantry with transparent jars is a pleasurable activity for them. Like other couples, they love to show love in public.




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