Couples' workout increases mutual physical attraction. What does the science say?

Not an inch of you is dry with sweat. Your red cheeks look like they're about to burst. Why would you want your boo to see you like this?

 Let's face it, a gym is a place of vulnerability. That's why thousands of people delay developing the confidence to stay. The fear that you won't make it and that the person standing in front of you watching you fail will be your partner can be paralyzing.

 We're here to reassure you. The science (and thousands of successful experiences confirm it) has proven that the benefits of exercise are multiplied when done in the company of your significant other.

 The reason is in chemistry

 Complex biochemical processes occur in your body as you sweat in spurts. Although it may cause you some embarrassment at first, at that moment, you are making your body stronger and your relationship stronger.

 After just twenty minutes of cardio, there is enough dopamine in your body to make you forget about the embarrassment. You will be more alert and focused on the exercise. Dopamine is the hormone that gets you past the point of fatigue. When you secrete this hormone, you feel satisfied, even during strenuous activity.

If one of you lacks a little dopamine, receiving motivation from the loved one will solve it. Dopamine is released in the body with impactful physical activity or with romantic stimulation.

 Did you know that dopamine is a hormone linked to addiction? If you're already addicted to those pretty eyes, you'll also start to need exercise along with them. Besides, less healthy sources of dopamine, such as sweets, alcohol, or tobacco, will become less and less desirable for both of you.

 Now comes the best part. You'll see what pivotal role hormones play in emotions. You've warmed up. You're happy to be training together. When the routine starts to ramp up, adrenaline comes into play.

 At an American university, Dr. Kristin McKinney examined the effects of adrenaline on the elevation of attraction or arousal.

 She wanted to find out if there was a correlation between adrenaline production and desire. To achieve her goal, she surveyed seventy students, asking them about their attraction to someone of the opposite sex. Later, invited them to exercise for approximately 15 minutes. She asked them again and reviewed the survey results to see if the adrenaline produced by the young people during the physical activity affected their attraction to the people shown in the photos.

Results indicated that as the adrenaline level increased, the participants also reported feeling more attracted to the person in the photo.

 When we produce adrenaline, things are very similar when we fall in love. Adrenaline increases the heart rate by 500%. Also, the breathing rate accelerates, and even the pupils dilate (just as the eyes of those in love sparkle). Even adrenaline after exercise can trigger feelings similar to those of orgasm.

Sharing an exercise routine as a couple, you will also have brief moments of rest. In those moments, your bodies secrete endorphins. These hormones are a kind of natural analgesic, as they reduce pain sensation.

 Smelling your partner's scent also releases endorphins. That's why it's so relaxing and helps you sleep when you go to bed with your love. It's science. You will feel better physically and psychologically exercising with your partner.

 And what happens when you finish working out? The level of dopamine in your body drops. Serotonin begins to act.

 It is the hormonal antagonist of dopamine. Its main effect is inner satisfaction. After doing physical activity or exercise as a couple, both will be far away from depressive states or bad moods.

 Hormones are naturally secreted by the body glands responsible for the correct fulfillment of their functions. Among them are those in charge of the pleasant sensation you feel after a workout.

 Still not convinced to join the gym with your sweetheart? One last important reason is that exercise increases the sexual stamina of both of you. Not only because of the increased energy but with cardio training more oxygen gets to the muscles.

 Besides, if both of you are in better condition, you will put more effort into intimacy. Your intimate encounters will be longer and, of course, more satisfying.

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