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The Importance of Quality Time for Couples

We tend to talk about time as a valuable commodity. We invest it in working, producing, and generating well-being. However, routine often makes us forget the importance of the emotional, affective and temporal investment needed in a couple.

If you don’t have a few hours to connect with the most significant people, it's time to rethink your agenda. It's time to schedule dates with your partner, out of the routine, without anyone or anything interrupting you.

You may wonder, why do it if we are together all the time? Because sharing the same space is not the same as spending time with your partner. Let's share some ideas for quality time as a couple to take advantage of the only moment that exists: the "now."

Keys to share quality time

No pressure

It is not simple to let go of commitments to devote more time to your partner. If everyone's schedules are full of responsibilities, set aside at least a half-hour block each week to start. Avoid blaming each other for lack of time and instead focus on sharing the few minutes you can steal from the routine with a plan you have both chosen.

Meaningful experience

No matter how little time you can set aside to share, the most important thing is you do something you can remember. Experience a moment that can comfort you when you think of it during your hectic week. Make it special.


A recent British study revealed that when a couple is dating, they chat 50 minutes per hour. After marriage, they will talk for 40 minutes per hour. 30 years later, the conversation will last only 16 minutes. The more time they have together, the less they talk. Avoiding this downward trend is essential to maintain the magic that brought you together in the first few months. Dedicate 25 minutes to have a slow and attentive conversation with your partner.

Quality time activities for couples 

Spa at home

Self-care is one of the most comforting activities in the routine. A facial or a massage relieves stress and improves self-esteem. Imagine those benefits shared with your partner. Turn your bedroom into a small spa and dedicate a few hours to pamper yourself and your partner with a moment of relaxation.

Reading together

If you establish your reading time before bed, you will not only fall asleep better but also coincide with the time you go to bed. As is well known, couples who go to bed together generally share more quality time.

In addition, reading will motivate them to have a more open view of life. Sharing interests and hobbies will make them a more fulfilled couple.


Dancing is not only a fun activity, but it also helps to relax and reduce tension.

Practicing at least half an hour of dancing together not even keeps you physically and psychologically fit, but it is also an opportunity to discover a new hobby together with your partner.

Training together

Have you already read our post about the benefits of working out with your partner?

Watching the sunset

Watching a sunset together helps them connect with nature and the world, achieving a sense of peace and serenity. Go together to a secluded place at 6 p.m. and relax your mental tension by watching the sunset.

Board games

Board games are not exclusively for children. Everyone needs to connect and distract the mind with playful activities. Also, you can invite your friends to join you because board games stimulate sociability. It is a relaxed idea that you will do at home and will solve more than one rainy afternoon.


Sleeping together in a tent in the middle of nature (or even in the backyard) has a magical charm. It is a memorable experience that every couple should experience at least once.

 Quality activities can include anything in which one or both of you have an interest. The emphasis is not on what you do but on why you do it. The purpose is to experience something together and leave the feeling that you have a treasured new memory.

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