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The infallible signs that you should go to couple’s therapy.

 Sometimes, it seems the relationship is going very badly. But soon after, there are pleasant moments that make us rethink whether what we thought was a problem really was. Sometimes, one member of the relationship thinks about the breakup of the marriage, while the other doesn't even know that the other person is unhappy. Sometimes, serious relationship problems, phases that every couple goes through, are normalized.

A therapist will highlight the problem areas and direct your attention on how to act correctly. If you are observing any of these signs in your relationship, don't delay. Take the appointment with the therapist this week.

Your partner doesn't listen to you or understand you

You should probably seek the help of a therapist if conversations have become extremely difficult. You should not wait for every argument to become a dead end. You talk, but you don't understand each other.

 You're arguing about the same thing

Whatever argument comes up, you always end up with the same problem that sticks like a poisonous sting and kills your relationship. It remains unresolved at any convenient time, it pops up and comes between you.

 When the bond is affected by something as simple and as complex as communication problems, participatory couples therapy can help. Therapy serves to introduce into the couple's life a new relationship dynamic in which they prioritize the direct and honest expression of each other's points of view.

Everything your partner does bothers you

The way your partner talks or laughs, eats and even breathes bothers you. Why did I fall in love with him?" You ask yourself this question more and more often. It doesn't always mean you stopped loving him. Working in the right direction with both partners, these factors can be detected and neutralized. So that harmony can be restored. Trapped in the vicious circle of conflict, you can no longer see the positive aspects of your relationship. Therapy will help you rediscover the person you love and appreciate his qualities again.

Indecision about future plans

Relationships are partly about how you experience the present and partly about how you plan for the future together.

If there are conflicts in this second aspect, couples therapy can provide a space in which each party in the relationship will find new tools to express expectations. In addition, they will have the appropriate context to establish an honest conversation about what each one wants.

One of you doesn't like how the other behaves on social media

 For some couples, social networking is not a problem at all. But for others, it plays a significant role in representation to others. This is because the partners disagree on several issues. Their divergent perceptions prevent them from respecting each other's understanding of performance and reactions in social networks. Smoothing out these differences requires a specialist therapist to address the exact problem areas.

Your relationship is stunting your individual development. 

A happy and fulfilling relationship should give security and a feeling to both partners that they are developing individually and together in the future.

 You don't talk to each other or fight. 

Both extremes are a sign of trouble. If scandals are part of your daily life, this speaks of intolerance and irritability. 

If you don't fight at all and don't pay attention to each other, it speaks of indifference and lack of interest in each other.

Problems in intimate relationships

The time to attend a couple's therapy is also when there is little harmony in intimate relationships and in the expression of sensitivity. This includes a wide variety of situations and goes beyond sexuality.

Simple things such as caresses, moments of looking into each other's eyes in silence, or hugs are necessary. In a couple that needs therapy, it is difficult to "break the ice" to begin to include these types of behaviors.

A specific crisis

Sometimes a couple needs therapy if they are having a crisis related to a specific event, such as a job layoff or the death of a loved one. You don't want a painful experience to spill over into the private sphere of the relationship.

You can no longer communicate except aggressively

Without even realizing it, you have gone from sweet-talking to barking daily. Communication seems broken as if a rift has opened up between you. A couple's therapy will help you renew the dialogue and burst the abscess, all under the watchful eye of a neutral mediator.

You are bored with your partner

You don't need to ask already to know the schedule for your evening. You're starting to miss the days of impromptu weekends and romantic evenings. Apart from the food and the TV show, you don't share anything anymore. You even feel you live more like two roommates than a couple. Therapy will allow you to relearn how to look at and seduce each other.

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