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Top 10 best massage techniques tested by real couples.


No one knows that body better than you. You are the person to make your partner achieve relaxation from daily stress. However, being in front of someone's back before a massage is similar to being in front of a blank sheet of paper before writing. Where to start?

The Internet is full of tips for a couples massage, but after reading tons of them, we were a little confused. So we picked a few and decided to put them into practice before sharing them.



 Read on. Because this weekend, you will want to put these top 10 massage techniques tried and tested by real couples into practice.

 Lubricating is the first key

When everything starts, all professional masseuses rub a few drops of oil on their hands. Do the same. Don't put your dry hands on your lover's smooth back. Using natural oil is ideal. Avoid any allergies or irritations.

The best ones we tested: almond oils, chamomile cream or ointment, and lavender cream. The oil or cream allows your hands to glide well. Also,  the body deflates faster, so the massage is more effective.

Make sure the oils have a scent that your partner likes

A smell that may seem unpleasant instead of relaxing will overwhelm you. Find out their favorite fragrance first and look for a moisturizing oil with that scent.

Identify the sources of concentration and stress in your partner's body

We will give you some clues: they are usually in the neck, head, back, and hands. Localized pressure and non-sudden movements on these points are a good start. Another secret point we discovered is the feet. A foot massage makes the person feel very light during the massage.


If you are the masseuse, wear comfortable clothes

You will need to make many movements during the session. You will transmit your energy to your partner, so you should feel relaxed as well.


About the technique

The main thing is to exert a little pressure, especially on your partner's back. Use the palms of your hands slightly closed. Use your knuckles, to go up and down your loved one's back. ALERT: Without touching the spine. The more pressure and force, the deeper the massage. Your goal is to get your partner's blood flowing better.


Less food

Ask your crush before the massage she has not ingested a lot of liquid or very heavy food to enhance the experience. She may fall asleep.


If you don't have a massage table at home, no problem

But it is necessary to have adequate space to do the massage. A bed or a mat on the floor can work. Avoid using pillows. We don't want either of you to end up with scoliosis or acute pain.


Decorate the place 

Remember to set the mood for the massage and encourage relaxation for your partner. It is best to have low light in the room and listen to relaxing music and fragrances that help enhance the experience of the senses.

Pressure is the key 

Where you find a massage outward with small vertical and horizontal movements.  And don't forget to apply pressure.


Cold and heat 

At the end, we recommend you do a thermotherapy section with cold and heat. You can use hot and cold compresses on your partner's back for a better effect.


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