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Unconventional Christmas gifts for your partner.

We've all received an ill-advised gift at some time or another. Although it's thought that counts, we don't expect our partner with whom we spend most of our time to give us those slippers in the color we hate the most.


It is not always pleasant to offer or receive a gift from your partner. Uncertainty before a gift purchase can cause anxiety, an insecurity feeling causes by not knowing what to give your partner.

When your partner is finally about to open the gift, you enter into a situation of stress waiting for the reaction. If the response is unsatisfactory, we will feel disappointment, just as your partner may feel pressure to show satisfaction.


The Christmas gift for your partner should reflect your knowledge of their tastes and desires for the year. You don't need to spend mountains of money or save since January for it. Read on, we made a list of options to help you overcome the terrible anxiety of the perfect gift for your partner.

1. An artist's mirror

If your partner likes to take care of herself and usually puts on makeup, she will love to have her own beauty corner. Give her a large mirror with built-in lights, worthy of an artist's dressing room. You can get it with various light modes, from white to warm, and with adjustable intensity.

Some mirrors incorporate a USB to charge the cell phone or connect any device. The idea is to get one with a small 10x magnifying mirror, ideal for more precision. An original Christmas gift for a woman or man!

2. Travel suitcase

It's a classic to give travel suitcases as a couple. You can try it with a fun and original one. If you look forward to traveling with your partner, you can give him the suitcase with the tickets inside. It can be a small getaway plan to which you take your new bag. Find one with rigid design trolley type four wheels. The cabin size designed for short trips is the ideal gift for your partner.

3. Adult Games

These upscale adult sex dice toys make for the perfect novelty gift for couples or newlyweds - beautifully packaged up to make a Christmas present for lovers. Spice up your bedroom playtime with these fun dice. Comes complete in a black velvet bag for discreet keeping. Roll the sex dice toys to decide which positions you're going to take on first, then keep rolling and have fun!

4. Limited edition of their favorite book or a special one.

If you don't know your partner's favorite writer, it's time to find out. If your partner doesn't have one yet, recommend yours with lots of love. You can also visit a bookstore in your city and ask which are their best sellers to give to your partner. Ask for advice according to the characteristics and hobbies of your lover, and you will surely find a special one.

5. Matching Shirts for Couples.

Did you know that getting dressed together creates a cozy pleasure feeling? Besides being a fun activity, it renews the couple's union spirit. Matching with your partner, something as simple as clothes, is a small pleasure that gives you more satisfaction than you think. You can try matching shirts, pajamas, or even socks.

6. A grateful journal.

Give your significant other a beautiful, minimalist gratitude journal. It's perfect as we head into the new year. Your partner will be able to write their positive intentions and daily affirmations.
Gratitude journals have space for writing down plans, life goals, and free writing.

7. Christmas Hoodie.

Get ready to receive nice compliments from the people around them at Christmas. We all wish to one day achieve #couplegoals, and this is one way to start.

These Matching Hoodies are made of medium-weight Gildan fabric and fit true to size. They are high quality and soft to the touch. The holiday message will be perfect to wear during nights at home all month long.

8. A photo album.

Give your partner a summary of everything you've done together from the time you met until today. Add messages of affection for your partner and things you've saved, such as letters, movie tickets, or tickets to their favorite concerts. Collect all those photos and snapshots you've taken of each other on trips, birthdays, anniversaries, and special evenings and print them out. Then glue them in the album and decorate them with phrases.


9. Massage Date Night Box

This is a perfect gift to spice up the relationship. Date Night Massage Box includes a bubble bath, natural massage oil, bath salt, a massage tool, sleep Mask and candles.

10. Projector.

After this Christmas gift, movie nights at home will never be the same. Give your partner a projector, work indoors and outdoors, and project videos like in the movie theater. This is a gift for both of you, it is a more elegant alternative to the TV in the bedroom. This gift will guarantee many fun nights out in 2023.


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