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Why happy partners wear costumes and Halloween best couples Ideas

We love dates that are an excuse to do things as a couple. Halloween is one of them. No matter you want to go out and steal the show with a costume as a couple or spend the night at home terrified with movies, lots of treats, and a surprise waiting in the oven.

Whatever your plan, a couple's costume will not only make the evening ten times more fun, but it has benefits for the health of your relationship that you probably didn't know.

Role-playing game: Getting out of your comfort zone

 Having another role at least for a day takes you out of your comfort zone and can bring out a more sensual side than you usually show.

 You met at the office and then carry on at home as a conventional couple.

There's nothing wrong with that. But stepping out of that pattern is a rush of emotions that will enhance things. 

A costume takes center stage in a role-playing game. Both partners agree on the role they want to play in a shared fantasy. Science has shown that it is normal for the members of a couple to fantasize about other people because the desires do not automatically disappear when you live as a couple, they can be joined in the middle of a role-play.

Halloween best couples Ideas

 The most common role-plays usually involve authority figures, superheroes, or damsels in distress, but there will always be the disguise of each partner. Take a moment to tell each other some fantasies and choose together the role you want to play in them. After this conversation, you will come up with great ideas for costumes to wear at home or to wear to a celebration. Although, if you are the shyer of the couple, the first time can occur in the home privacy.

Wear costumes is a tool for handling stressful situations as a couple.

Sophie Scott, professor of cognitive neuroscience at University College London, explains that laughter can provoke a feeling of analgesia. The laughter that will come from seeing each other in disguise will automatically improve the mood of both partners.

Stressful situation will be easier to overcome after the fun experiment of disguising as a couple.

Seeing your partner walk out of the room in an outfit you've never seen before will cheer you up without argument. 

Remember that humor is a powerful weapon to create a good atmosphere in the relationship, especially when friction points appear in the day-to-day. Choose a costume inspired by your partner's favorite sitcom or a cartoon character from childhood.

Laugh will explode, much more so if you pair your outfit with acting.

When you laugh together, you inhale more oxygen, and the cells in your brains and bodies receive it and begin to release endorphins, the hormones of happiness.

Do you need a better reason to dress up for Halloween than to be happy with your partner?

 Sharing experiences brings couples together.

 Couples who share experiences report feeling more loved, supported, and satisfied with their relationship. 

An evening stroll, dining at a nice restaurant, visiting an unfamiliar country, going to a concert together, or simply cooking at home are activities that stick in the memory of those in love and form a foundation of their affection.

The longest-lived and happiest couples we all know often tell anecdotes and confidence about their experiences. 

After all, a couple's history is the sum of the episodes they have lived together.

Remembering with the time that they once dressed up together will make them happy and will be one more experience to share. And it may become one of the most meaningful experiences. Almost all of us remember our first costume parties and how we felt in character. Thus, your first costume as a couple will be tattooed in your memories as a fun night.

Costumes for couple builds trust.

It doesn't matter if you have been together for a short time or been married for several years. A couple is a partnership based on trust. While this shared value has to do with serious matters such as sincerity and respect, you may be surprised to know that trust based on sharing nervous or excited situations. Arriving at the Halloween party dressed up hand in hand with your partner will be a much more comfortable than if you had to live it alone, especially if you are someone shy.

 Couples full of confidence tend to show themselves as they are, without inhibitions front of each other because they have similar coincidences and values that make them feel comfortable.

Halloween best couples Ideas
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