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The Top 10 Habits of Highly Successful Couples

A couple's success can be measured by the number of years together, the goals they have achieved, or the quality time they share. Every couple has different standards, and no two are the same. No matter what you consider couple success, exist some habits shared by couples who report that their quality of life together is high.

We will share habits that long-lasting, fulfilling couples do to stay together through the years. We are sure that there are some habits that you already practice. And for those that you don't, it's a good time to start.

Morning routine

Between 7 am and 11 am is the most alert natural period for most human bodies. Although not all of us are morning people, scientific studies show that a circadian cycle based on sunlight is the natural and most convenient.
Getting up early, making the bed, and taking a few minutes for yourself are habits of successful people. Sharing these habits in the morning and encouraging each other not to abandon them is one of the first successful habits you can implement.
Incorporate in the morning routine a playlist with the favorites of both and unhurriedly share the first coffee.
PS: On days off, letting your partner sleep is a way to show your love.

Develop shared meaning

Strong couples begin their relationship with shared meaning, a term used to describe a couple's shared history and outlook on life.

Julie and John Gottman, a couple of American psychologists, define "shared meaning" as the history and life perspectives of the couple in their method of therapy for couples.

The specialists explain that a couple that knows and constantly rethinks why they together have less conflict and moves faster to success. To continue to develop a couple's shared meaning over time, practices such as rituals, meditation together, prayer, and constant recounting of their love story are important.

Uncluttered bedroom

The Japanese expert in order, decoration, and finance, Marie Kondo, explains in her method, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, that the couple's bed is the center of the bedroom. If it is tidy, with its sheets and blankets spread out, it produces a visual effect of order in the whole room. Successful couples share the task of leaving their bedroom in tidy order in the morning so that when they return home, they know that a calm and pleasant space awaits them.
It is also important that the room shared by the couple is uncluttered and free of unused items such as clothes, shoes, boxes, or too many electronic devices. The bedroom is a space for privacy and rest, not a storage room.

Time to talk

Lovers are talking all the time, but we mean spending an afternoon discussing the couple's financial situation. Set monthly appointments to talk about money.
Although they can be very stressful at first and end in reproaches. Over time, the habit softens the blow of tricky topics.
The appointment can take place once a month to go over your goals and how you feel about them. After a few meetings, you will see how everything is moving in the right direction.

Minimize Dinners Out

A frequent demonstration of love for couples is to have a meal at a romantic place. Investing in an ambiance at home similar to the places you love to visit will save you a lot of money. Brighten the dining room like your favorite restaurant, buy a recipe book you love, and cook together. A habit of successful couples is to avoid spending on dining out. Instead, invest in recreating the atmosphere of their favorite place at home, so they can enjoy it on many occasions.

Needs, wants and, goals

Instead of just spending and making a generic savings fund, successful couples use tools to manage their money together. One example is using the 50/30/20 method (50% for needs, 30% for wants, and 20% for savings). Allocating their salaries with the near and distant future in mind is a habit of couples who are effective with their money.

Leveraging superpowers

You are likely to be in charge of managing and keeping the family finances in order if you have an organized and meticulous personality. Support your partner's financial learning process so you can do it together as soon as your partner has the skills.

If one of you has superpowers at the wheel or in the kitchen, it won't feel like a burden. Share responsibilities by prioritizing your likes and dislikes you'll be a more effective couple.

Sharing housework

Housework is a priority for successful couples. Part of their routine is devoted to keeping the home tidy because a clean house provides peace of mind. Clearly communicating what needs to be done and distributing it is a simple task if the central goal is understood. The small job of dusting brings peace of mind, so no one will be unhappy about doing it.

When members identify overload, they should be listened to. Bottling up frustrations ultimately breeds resentment.

Repair negative exchanges.

Even the most successful couples experience situations of emotional tension. After episodes of conflict, both partners need to keep the negativity from getting out of control. Offer love and attention to your partner to repair the situation. Attempts to repair do not always have to be the same. Sometimes a facial expression of apology, a joke, or a walk to catch your breath together will suffice. Other times you will need a few hours to talk, but what cannot happen is that the damage is not repaired.


In addition to showing gratitude to the loved one through details, successful couples have a detached attitude toward each other. The goal is to support the partner in their circumstances and build a relationship where meanness has no place.

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